Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Comparative Error Analysis of Public and Private High School Students Thesis

Comparative Error Analysis of Public and Private High School Students - Thesis Example y significant difference in academic success rates of students who attend well funded private schools as opposed to students who attend public schools that are under-funded. In this light, high school students schooling in the different setups will definitely exhibit differentiated results and characteristics based on the intricacies of the different schooling schemes. For instance, students in private schools go through a curriculum determined by the board while their counterparts in public schools use a curriculum determined by the national educational standards (Bryk, Lee, and Holland, 45-46). This inadvertently implies that the results from the different students get affected. Private schools focus on passing exams while as public schools focus on completing the syllabus. In addition, given that private students fundamentally run on money collected from the student’s school fees, the quality of education is thereby determined by this. This means the student is a product of the school he or she attends. Public schools get equal funding from the relevant government agencies. With a high level of standardization and policies the quality of educa tion becomes leveled (Epstein, 34-35). High school students attending private schools are so focused on passing exams while those in public schools focus on learning a myriad of other skills as opposed to education alone based on the curriculum and associated policies. The effect of funding (independent variable) on academic success (dependent variable). Lack of adequate funding in the public schools makes the public students to perform dismmaly in the academic endeavors. On the other hand, private schools generate adequate funding through a variety of different sources including students’ tuition fees, endowments and grants. This makes students to excell in studies due to adequate provision of learning materials. Besides, curriculum development (independent variable) also impacts on the students educational

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